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Contact: July 26, 2010

3CX has release 3CX Phone System V9 with Video Support which revolutionizes Unified Communications

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V9 from the popular Windows Phone system brings you video support, android client and enterprise capabilities

London, 26 July 2010 – 3CX has released V9 of its well-known phone system for Windows. Version 9 is a significant upgrade that includes video support in addition to enterprise features like the power to keep track of remote PBX installations through 3CX Assistant and automatic remote installation and configuration of 3CXPhone and 3CX Assistant.

"3CX Phone System 9 is currently a complete Unified Communications solution –We have included standards based video and support for smartphones as customers. At the same time we have applied crucial enterprise benefits that widen 3CX’s appeal to larger companies"

"3CX continues to take market share and now has more than 20,000 server installations throughout the world. I foresee that by having V9 this quantity will certainly increase significantly."


Video support

V9 allows one click set-up of video calls along with different 3CXPhone users or along with standards based video phones such as from Xlite, Yealink or Grandstream.


Provisioning of 3CXphone and 3CX Assistant

Implementing and administering 3CXPhone and 3CX Assistant installations has become much easier by means of the provisioning feature. Phone System users may install the client programs by clicking on an HTTP link that is designed to automatically install and configure them. Changes to the configuration, in addition to software updates are automatically pushed out to the clients.


Android Smartphone Support

3CX V9 allows Android smartphone users to make and receive calls from anywhere applying their extension. Android users just download the 3CXPhone designed for Android softphone and configure it to use their 3CX Phone System account.

SLA / Shared Parking

Seamless Key System like feature for "sharing" phone lines without the need to transfer calls. Supports standards based SIP phones, no proprietary phones needed.

Microsoft Dynamics support

Set off outbound calls from within Microsoft Dynamics as well as handle inbound calls to client records automatically. Each and every call is reported and logged with the relevant customer record.

Multi Site – Capability

Monitor presence and queues on remote PBXs and transfer calls between PBXs


Other Features:

  • 3CX Assistant now enables making conference calls to external and internal users using a few mouse clicks
  • Enhanced presence and call forwarding
  • G722 support
  • New Bundled High Performance web server: Abyss
  • Free Edition

3CX Phone System is offered as a free edition and also as a commercial edition. The Free edition is readily available and can be downloaded here.:




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