Advantages of a Hosted VoIP Phone System


The conventional way of business communication with a receptionist answering all incoming calls is quickly becoming obsolete. This type of phone system also gives the impression that a business is small and technologically outdated. More importantly, traditional phone systems are costly and come with few standard features.

A hosted VoIP phone system, on the other hand, provides a business a professional image to its customers. It also allows huge savings on communication costs and is packed with essential features to cater to every business need.

Most hosted VoIP phone systems make the extra attributes of a traditional phone system their standard features. With the latter, a business will need to pay for services such as Call Forwarding, Conference Calling, Caller ID Block, etc. With hosted VoIP these are typically included plus more. Other standard features included in most hosted VoIP phone systems are auto-receptionist, dial-by-name directory, employee and department extensions, music + messages on hold, voicemail with email notification, visual voicemail, answering rules, departments (call queues), caller ID, extension dialing, call flip, call screening, call recording, call transfer, call logs and call blocking. Hosted VoIP phone systems also provide fax services and capabilities such as sending and receiving of fax messages even without a fax machine, retrieving faxes as email attachments, signing and editing faxes electronically, and utilizing existing fax machines with the use of analog adapters. With all of these features already included, businesses are able to save significantly while maximizing the functionality and efficacy of their communication system.

Generated savings from implementing a hosted VoIP phone system does not stop with its standard features. The bigger bulk of the savings comes from the low monthly calling rates and the scalability of the system. Hosted VoIP call plans are usually more than 50% lower than those with customary telephone service companies. Another benefit with hosted VoIP call plans is that most of them allow unlimited calling within continental US with extremely affordable international calling charges. This is the case since calls run through the Internet instead of the costly cable wires of standard telephone systems.

Scalability is another necessary aspect any growing business must take into account. With hosted VoIP phone systems, adding a line or an extension can be done by a few clicks of the computer’s mouse. Online management is a key feature of a hosted VoIP system. With this, changing settings anytime and anywhere is possible as long as there is Internet. Also, this feature assures any business that setting up virtual offices in multiple locations can be conveniently executed. Traditional phone systems would not be able to do all of this without immense cost as well as complex setup and installation.

Clearly, hosted VoIP can revolutionize business communication. The ease and expediency of setting it up makes it a viable and practical forward-step in improving both business operations and revenue. Its manageability ensures organization and reliability. Hosted VoIP is definitely among the best, if not, the best solution to the growing need for a dependable and cost-efficient phone system.