Marshall Voip is a telecommunication provider specializing in VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  Most service providers in the telecommunications industry carry multiple brands of phone systems and combine traditional phones with internet based phones.  While this can have merit in terms of allowing for a greater potential of customers, we don’t believe we can provide our customers with the best service with the most expertise by doing it this way.  Therefore Marshall Voip provides a niche in the telecommunications industry.

First, we do not sell or support traditional phones. There are several reasons for this. Everyone is familiar with the cliché of "jack of all trades, master of none." By focusing on a single telecommunications area, it allows us to be "true" experts in our field. 

Second, we have also done all the research necessary for our customers of the various brands available on the market today, and have chosen what we believe to be the best for our clients with the greatest cost savings. Through this research, we provide 3CX as a PBX, Snom for Hard Phones, Counterpath for Softphones and Cordia for SIP lines. Any one of our seasoned veterans on staff can provide you with key competitive information on why your business will find these the most advantageous available on the market today.

Third, we believe traditional phones are becoming a "dying breed." With the advent of the internet and computers, traditional phone lines are like mixing a computer word processing document with writing on clay tablets (i.e. your cave wall). We have already seen even homes in the United States switching to cell phones instead of having a traditional home phone. And even home users are switching to VOIP over having a traditional phone line with a local carrier.

The bottom line is traditional phone lines are "old technology." VOIP is "new technology." Traditional phone lines are expensive. VOIP is MUCH, MUCH more cost effective for businesses. Typically our clients are saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year simply by switching to VOIP. Imagine being able to take your phone bill today and cut it by 50% to 80% every month. That is what we are talking about doing for your company.

Since 2004, our company has used only VOIP phones to run our business. With over 400 customers currently, and a 24/7 operation, we rely very heavily on our phone system to provide sales and technical support. Also, by having offices around the world, we need the ability to have a single phone system that can support users in one or multiple office locations. VOIP is a natural fit for this.

So if you are looking to save a lot of money on your phone bill and you are looking to have the latest in technology available for your company, then look to Marshall Voip to provide this for you where tomorrow’s VOIP strategy is realized today