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There are many features a business VoIP phone could integrate to modernize business communication. The essentials in voice, data, and messaging services are included to maximize efficiency and efficacy in a business’ phone system. While VoIP can work with the use of soft phones, most businesses transitioning from traditional phone systems prefer to utilize handsets that have VoIP capabilities.

The evolution of traditional office telephone systems into business VoIP phones has led to the development of a more scalable, unified, and proficient method of doing business. The feature-rich hard phones are usually user-friendly and yield multiple benefits.


The attributes of a business VoIP phone include:

  • Comparable form and function to common analog phones
  • Corded and cordless options with headset, dialing buttons and caller ID screen
  • Connectable directly into a computer through USB or Ethernet cable into a fast and stable Internet connection.
  • Can have color screens showing information and choices
  • Capable of becoming a router for some advanced hard phones; some even with videophone capabilities to allow video calls without using a computer.

In order to determine the best business VoIP phone (hard phone) in the market, the functionality and features should be considered along with the capability of integrating with the concurrent phone system a business has. A business must choose a product that will provide ease and convenience during installation.

Some of the major players in the business VoIP phone markets are Polycom, Snom, and Cisco. These hard phone manufacturers have established themselves from the others and have been setting the trend for innovation and practicability.

Polycom is a multinational corporation that manufactures and sells technology relating voice communications solutions. Polycom has been the frontrunner in telepresence technology worldwide. Telepresence pertains to a set of technologies that allows a life-like interaction between two or more people at a place other than their true location.

Polycom’s products cater to all types of businesses, from small-to-medium business up to enterprise level companies. Some of the features of their hard phones are full-duplex speakerphone, easy-to-read, 102 x 33-pixel graphical LCD, support of shared lines, presence, 3-way local conferencing, distinctive call treatment and XHTML micro-browser for Web applications.

Snom is a German company that makes VoIP telephones. This company has increased its market share in business VoIP phones due to its products dependability and usefulness. Snom’s main target markets are the small and medium businesses, home offices, Internet service providers and original equipment manufacturers.

Snom has gained popularity due to the great number of SMB’s in the market. Since these businesses aspire to acquire phone systems of large corporations, Snom has successfully developed products that are cost-efficient and are most useful to these types of business entities. Some of the features of Snom hard phones are low energy consumption, programmable function keys, intuitive user interface, and gigabit Ethernet switch.

Cisco is another multinational company based in America that produces electronics and other communications technology and services. Cisco has been a leader in the assembly of quality and reliable hard phones. They are consistently innovating their products to accommodate the growing need for business communication.

Cisco business VoIP phones are affordable, dependable, and feature-rich. These phones are designed to advance and simplify communications across an entire business. Some of the features of their phones include high definition (HD) voice for unsurpassed voice clarity and enhanced speaker quality, Bluetooth and Wi-fi capabilities, and colored touch screen backlit display for ease of use, aesthetics, and onscreen applications.

A unified communications approach is almost every business goal these days and business VoIP phones are part of the greater solution to achieve this. With the best products integrated into existing business communication systems, a business can become more productive and effective. With this, businesses can increase both its top and bottom lines as well as expand in a very convenient manner.

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