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Snom ONE Blue

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Snom One blue is the complete non-hosted software IP PBX solution which is flexible enough to handle your needs as your business grows.


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snom ONE blue is designed to be flexible as to conform to your business size even as you experience growth, allowing you to set up unlimited number of extensions to fit your needs. It is a non-hosted software type of IP PBX phone system. It is windows based but its flexibility allows it to be compatible with other operating systems such as Linux and Mac-OS. The snom ONE blue aims at meeting the requirements of the corporate business phone systems, it is highly scalable, reliable and easy to use. It is ideal for growing companies that would like to maximize the benefits and advantages of a comprehensive VoIP phone system.

To increase the usability of each user, snom ONE blue allows incoming calls to simultaneously ring any snom VoIP phones and all connected mobile phones, this maximizes the convenience for the user. As a full-blown IP PBX, snom ONE blue provides a broad range of standard extension features including voicemail to email, hot desking, call filtering and redirections along with presence and monitoring. Moreover, paging features for snom ONE is also available to be used with the snom VoIP handsets as well as the snom PA1 paging device.

snom ONE Blue key features:

  • Plug and Play with all snom phones
  • Simultaneous ringing of cell phones and snom phones
  • Extension specific dial plan, time zone and language support
  • Multiple extension alias names, ANI assignments
  • Centralized Address Book
  • Hot desking
  • Voicemail
  • Multidomain
  • Web Interface
  • Shared Line emulation
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac-OS
  • Full feature set with every version (blue, yellow, free)

snom ONE blue security features:

Communication via snom ONE blue is secure. The snom ONE blue supports secure web access though HTTPS, the security of phone calls are achieved by using TLS and SRTP.

In addition snom ONE supports operation in environments with multiple IP addresses.

Using the snom ONE blue, phone calls can be made into the public telephone network (PSTN) both in standard PSTN gateways or by SIP trunking providers. The snom ONE blue supports a variety of other products, such as fax, provided that they support the SIP protocol.

snom ONE blue additionally boosts the effectiveness of every user by supporting CSTA, which enables a hassle-free integration with existing CRM systems. In addition, it supports multiple languages and multiple time zones, which can be set up on system and user level.

Most importantly, all snom phones automatically work through plug and play with the new snom ONE blue non-hosted VoIP PBX.

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