Small Business Phone Systems


Small business phone systems in the past did not have a lot of standard features and generated exorbitant monthly phone bills to businesses.  Attributes were so limited that even call forwarding and caller ID services already required additional fees. Furthermore, previous Small business phone systems were commonly expensive to install and were not suitable for expansion. Adding phone lines required complicated procedures, high labor cost and expensive equipment.

In recent times, small business phone systems have revolutionized into highly-efficient, productive, and affordable business tools through VoIP technology. Small to medium sized businesses can now afford to build images similar to that of Fortune 500 companies and take advantage of numerous phone features at a fraction of what they used to cost.

The features usually included in VoIP phone systems are not only limited to the basic ones. There are several superior aspects that are already bundled in standard VoIP plans. Some of these are auto-receptionist, dial-by-name directory, visual voicemail, answering rules, hunt groups, Internet faxing, etc. The benefits of these features include advanced technology, employee mobility, resources conservation, multi-channel availability, and customer convenience.

Small business phone systems using VoIP technology make use of the latest technology in communication. This alone gives the business a great image to its customers. The highly developed features of a VoIP phone system enable ease in communication and increase in overall productivity. In addition, the savings generated through the low monthly phone bills augments the business’ bottom line.

VoIP phone systems have also allowed better communication between office and field employees without incurring immense amount of extra charges. VoIP technology can virtually be integrated to any type of phone. With this, employees may now forward calls for their extensions to their home phone, mobile phone, or any other type of phone they want. As a result, missed calls are avoided, which promotes higher output.

Conservation of company resources is also a very notable benefit of a VoIP phone system. small business phone systems using VoIP can significantly lessen transportation expenses and encourage a greener company practice. When conducting a meeting for a multi-regional company, the need for travelling is eliminated through call conferencing. The business not only saves on travel allowances but also helps the environment. Also, faxes can now be sent and received through the Internet and do not need to be printed every time as they can already be viewed as a PDF attachment to an email.

Another advantage brought about by VoIP to small business phone systems is accessibility. Through VoIP, customers are able to communicate with the business through different channels. They can call, chat, fax, email, or even do a video conference. Having many ways for the clients to reach a business enhances customer experience and as a result, yields prolific business deals.

Lastly, VoIP phone systems add to customer convenience. Clients now have the toll-free option that allow them to call the business whenever, wherever without being charged. Customer satisfaction is crucial and for sure, with them being able to contact you expediently, it’s a guarantee.

Given the advancement of VoIP technology and its growing development in small business phone systems, small and medium sized business can now compete with larger corporations. VoIP guarantees quality, functionality, and affordability.

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