SNOM 820

Snom 820 is the next step in the evolution of the Business VoIP Phone.

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The Snom 820 was creatively designed to have a futuristic display and backed up with its world-class telephony features. The snom 820 VoIP phone is extraordinarily elegant and performs the way you want it to, it is a superior class of VoIP phone perfect for business The snom 820 was built with the latest VoIP technology solutions as well as the famous features of the snom IP phone class. With the Snom 820, everyone who is used to using VoIP will have a wonderful experience.

That is the reason why we call the new snom VoIP phone series:

The 8 experience

The Snom 820 VoIP phone is the commencement of a new business phone series. It is like the prelude of a new masterpiece in VoIP technology. In this snom series of VoIP phones, we incorporate the two distinctive requirements of modern telephony in one device: state-of-the-art VoIP technology and an ingenious design.

The Snom 820 IP phone has a wide high-resolution TFT color display (3.5”, 320 x 240 pixels) that offers a brilliant display of call lists, phone directories, and caller information through the integrated XML browser.

The wideband technology used in the handset acquires more than twice of the spectrum of voice frequencies that by standard phones. This means the audio quality can be compared to FM radio. On speakerphone a Class D amplifier reliably suppresses interference noise. This means high power conversion efficiency combined with an excellent sound.

Additionally, the new Snom 820 WLAN lets you install the phone anywhere you are. Whatever you prefer, the Snom 820 is prepared for any option: Power over plug with WLAN or Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Furthermore, the Snom 820 VoIP phone provides all conveniences snom users have come to expect from us. The issue of security is a main request and snom has brilliantly addressed to this call, providing its users with state-of-the-art encryption technology to make your VoIP phone experience secured and carefree. These reliable security features include the secure VPN, TLS and SRTP. There are essential components of snom 820’s firmware. We always make sure that our customers are secured, safe from communication hacks and data theft. Securing your customers is always our goal and we endeavor to achieve it.

But the Snom 820 IP phone is packed with tons of functionalities perfectly suitable for the business world, one of which is the 5-way conferencing, multiple ringtones and allowing its user to use up to twelve different SIP identities. This is what it means to be independent from ever day work. The user interface of Snom 820 is designed for a clear and smart operation.

Every phone key was carefully set up and arrange so that they are clearly visible and reachable in almost any angle, regardless of whether your Snom 820 IP phone was set up with a footstand in the high or low position.

The modern look of Snom 820 was designed with very renowned German industrial designers – and this first model of the new snom 800 series will live up to the highest expectations in performance, functionality and timeless beauty. This is another unique feature you will get from snom IP phones.


Main features

  • High-resolution TFT color display
  • Comfortable and intuitive menu structure
  • Caller identification on display
  • Directory (250 entries)
  • Import/export of directory/phonebook
  • Speed dial
  • Local dial plan
  • Lists of missed, received, and dialed calls (100 entries each)
  • Indication of calls on hold
  • Clock with automatic daylight-saving time, call timer
  • Call blocking (deny list)
  • Handling of up to 12 calls simultaneously
  • …and many more

For further features please consult the data sheet below.


snom 820, Datasheet, English


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