Snom m9 is the world-class wireless IP phone that businessman can dream of holding. It’s cordless and boasts its high range and mobility – everything that you can dream of in a portable VoIP phone.

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SIP DECT Internet Phone – Defines Mobile VoIP Technology

VoIP phone manufacturer giant, snom, releases the latest model of world-class mobile VoIP known as snom m9. The snom m9 assures to perform at top notch speed quality, it is enriched with features that shape the modern VoIP technology known today. The snom m9 is the breakthrough of handheld DECT VoIP phones which represents the innovation of wireless communication.

Through the integration of adept functionalities of high quality business communications with the innate features of the world of mobile VoIP, the snom m9 wireless VoIP is perfectly suited for both personal and business use. The snom m9 delivers features such as hands free mode, calling line identification (CLI) which displays the name, number and image of the caller, as well as standard mobile phone features such as Address Book, Calendar, Calculator and Alarm function, the snom m9 provides the perfect blend of mobility and accessibility.

The snom m9 DECT-based mobile VoIP phone uses a dedicated DECT frequency band which eliminates interference in your VoIP conversation experience. Not just that, the snom m9 provides the perfect benefits of the DECT technology such as high standby time and superior speech quality in addition to internet application integration, therefore providing a decisive edge over WLAN handhelds.

As the next-generation wireless VoIP, the snom m9 works at an Access Point of 50m indoors and approximately 300m outdoors. (The actual working range will depend on the actual topology of the building or location where the snom m9 is held).

The brilliant design of the snom m9 is very user friendly and convenient to use. As a mobile VoIP it is ideal for Enterprise or Small Office or Home Office environment use due to is illuminated keypad and TFT color display. The menu driven graphical user interface enables intuitive usage and five navigation keys provide easy access to most of the phone functions saving users from the hassle of searching through complicated menus. Moreover, the snom m9 mobile VoIP allows potential future enhancements with its USB interface and large flash memory capacity.

The modern elegant design along with is cool theme is what defines this state of- the-art mobile VoIP phone.

In addition, the mobile VoIP snom m9 boasts is integration capability with Microsoft™ Office Communications Server 2007 R2 which makes it the only mobile VoIP phone in the world to provide this benefit. Another great advantage of snom m9 is its terminal’s support for the latest standard of IPv6. All these features combined altogether with the automatic configuration download make the snom m9 a one-of-a-kind wireless VoIP.

Lastly, the snom m9 incorporates the famous SIP stack from snom with its decade long proven interoperability and technology leadership.

Snom M9 Sales Information:

Please note, that the snom m9 will not be available before January 2010!

snom m9 is not available for use in the following regions:

  • US
  • Canada

All the characteristics mentioned can change without special notice due to the constant innovation of our products.

The products may be available with certain or deviating features or settings depending on the local marketing demands and specifications. Deviations from the illustrations such as color may be possible.

For further features please consult the data sheet below.


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