X-Lite is the world’s most downloaded VoIP Softphone/SIP Softphone. XLite is a free high quality VoIP softphone that supports video conferencing.




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X-Lite – your partner in the softphone world!

CounterPath’s X-Lite softphone revolutionizes the Voice over IP technology which takes you from a traditional phone you atmosphere into the digital world of VoIP. With X-Lite softphone you can make voice calls, video calls an send Instant Messages through its simple user interface.

X-Lite softphone delivers you with some of most in demanded and famous features of the full-featured softphones and let you use them as a test experience before you decide to purchase.

In your Voice over Internet Protocol experience, even if you are simply having a voice call, saying hi or hello to special people or love ones over video calls or simply chatting with your friends over Instant Messenger, you will later realize why it is wise to have a softphone such as X-Lite in your desktop or laptop is a paramount experience communications experience.



  • Intuitive user interface makes it easy for both novice and power users to make and receive calls, initiate video conferencing, and communicate using Instant Messaging.
  • Flexible skinning engine designed to give Service Providers and Equipment Manufacturers the ability implement a co-branded or private label solution to market.
  • Rapid Market Deployment is guaranteed with eyeBeam's open standards based architecture that integrates with 3rd party platforms to make customer implementations seamless and smooth.
  • Simplified integration with SIP and other VoIP applications allow for unique and customized deployment of multi-media capabilities or amalgamation with a service providers dynamic solution suite


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